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We offer tailored information
individually adapted to your personal needs
RSS feed is tomorrow's method for the retrieval of information. In order to utilise this method, you must use a RSS reader. This reader can provide a new way to sort an ever-increasing volume of electronic information here on the Internet. You choose the information yourself and the delivery then occurs automatically - but only when you so require. 
The following applications can make use of RSS feeds:
To further increase the flexibility and to make this service more personal, we provide the option for you to personally choose which categories of information you require in your RSS feed.

Press "Ctrl" to select multiple categories
1 (a) - Select one or more categories
  • Select category/categories from the list on the left. Press "Ctrl" to select multiple categories

  • Show RSS feed - click here

  • or

  • NB! If the browser's "Pop-up block" is switched on, the feed will not be shown
1 (b) - Select all categories
2 - Subscribe
  • Then click on the RSS icon in the browser to register the feed or copy the link to your RSS reader

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