Giancarlo Losma on the recovery of consumptions in the metal forming machinery sector
(12. maj 2011 kl. 12:00)

Interview with Giancarlo Losma, President of UCIMI-Sistemi per produrre on the recovery of consumptions in the metal forming machinery sector. The interview is focused on the 2012 edition of LAMIERA.

Giancarlo Losma, President of UCIMI-Sistemi per produrre in Italy.

President Losma, what is the trend of the metal forming sector?

Thanks to their technological development, metal forming machines, which are nowadays capable of ensuring, with the same costs, important benefits in terms of product finishing and structural material strength, represent approximately 30% of the global offer of machine tools.

The last figures for 2010 confirm that the metal forming technology machine tool sector has achieved the same recovery as recorded by the industry of the sector as a whole. World production has in fact increased by 17.2% to 13.5 billion euros, recovering most of the ground lost in 2009.

With a 29.5% of the total production, China is the first in the world in terms of production turnover, followed by Germany and Italy, with 16.1%, and 13.5% of the total respectively.

In view of this situation, Italy appears therefore in a good position...

Aside from the figures, Italian field's manufacturers are well known for their flexibility and ductility, which are difficult to replicate by foreign competitors, and this guarantees an essential contribution.

In order to compete on the international market, the Italian industry of the sector must in fact concentrate in differentiating their offer from that of their main competitors.

I am thinking about the German offer range, undoubtedly valid in terms of quality, technological development, and assistance. Nevertheless, what Italy offers is in no way inferior... This is clearly demonstrated by the numbers, and the response from the international market.

When compared to Germany, the real difference of the made-in-Italy in this sector is the type of production. Germans are great suppliers of standard machines: they provide great quality and speedy deliveries because they produce products in high quantities.

Although providing the same level of innovation, Italians offer customised solutions. However, such customisation of the offer also means longer delivery times... and this is why we Italian manufacturers must really do all we can to shorten the delivery times as much as possible.

We have spoken about the role of Italian manufacturers on the international scene. Now let us concentrate on the role of the Italian market for the metal forming sector.

Italy plays a leading role also in the world rankings for the consumption of metal forming technology machine tools.

With a consumption of 3.5 billion Euros, China is at the top, and counts for approximately 35.6% of the total consumption on a worldwide basis, followed by Germany and Italy, who fight for second place, with shares of 9.8% and 9.2% of the total respectively.

It is therefore clear that Italy is a very important and lively market, at least as much as Germany, with a wide gap separating them both from the followers, like South Korea, United States, Brazil, and Russia.

In spite of the great capabilities of Italian manufacturers in protecting the domestic market, the liveliness of the demand of Italian end users offers interesting opportunities also for foreign manufacturers who, therefore, do not fail to attend LAMIERA, the event of reference for the operators in the field.

President Losma, can you give us some preliminary details on the forthcoming edition of LAMIERA?

With Lamiera, Italy prises one of the most qualified international exhibitions of the sector, in line with the role of the country in the world market discussed above. And now we are approaching the sixteenth edition of the exhibition, planned for May 9-12 2012, at the Fiera Bologna exhibition centre. Promoted by UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE, the Italian machine tools, robots, and automation manufacturers' association, and organised by CEU-CENTRO ESPOSIZIONI UCIMU, Lamiera takes place every two years, and presents an exhaustive outlook of the most qualified global offer in the metal forming field. It also is an extremely important occasion for manufacturers and end users to meet, compare, and exchange feedback, all made possible also thanks to an extremely selected and comprehensive number of conferences.

Also confirmed for 2012, is the appointment with LAMBDA, an event conceived for promoting the meeting of universities and research world with the industry.

Lamiera is therefore the point of reference for all operators of the manufacturing industry as a whole, concentrating on its exhibitors the attention of all user sectors: from the most traditional and recognised sectors (mechanics, transports, household appliances, maintenance), to the emerging ones (energy, environment, electronics, biomedical).

What are the strong points of LAMIERA, which presents itself as one of the most important international exhibitions of the sector, capable of going beyond the national boundaries?

The variety of the sectors, and the highly qualified profile of the operators, are the characteristics that distinguish the visitors of the exhibition. From the survey carried out at the end of the 2010 edition, 82% of visitors were in fact directly involved in the purchasing decisions of their companies, covering positions in management (26%), production (25.3%), purchasing (16.4%), research & development (12.7%), engineering (12.6%), maintenance and safety (7%).

Together with this, one must also take into account the international connotation that this event has always had, as shown by the data of the 2010 exhibition, to which 441 companies took part, including 30% from abroad, and which enjoyed a total of 18,000 visitors from 41 countries.

It is therefore clear that the commitment of the organisers is focused on a widespread, capillary and effective promotion activity, with the aim of recommending the event - through the most suitable communication channels, as well as important web marketing initiatives - to over 100,000 potential visitors.