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Sustainable Water Use for P2X – a business opportunity for the Danish water sector

On Sep 5'th Danish Export Association and Grundfos invites to a forum on "Sustainable Water Use for P2X". We will focus on water in P2X projects (sources, technologies, risks, R&D, etc). Together we will also explore business opportunities for Danish technology companies in the Global P2X markets.

With many hydrogen and P2X projects underway and many still in planning phase across Europe this forum is dedicated to discussions and exploration of technologies, business opportunities, challenges, and considerations in relation to sustainable water use for P2X projects.

The political ambition,  level of aspiration and financing for P2X is sky high in Denmark, across Europe and in the US. It is likely that P2X could become a major contributor to the growth of Danish export – including export of water knowledge, technologies and solutions.

We will meet at Grundfos in Bjerringbro and the day will be an energetic mix of presentations, talks and discussions. There will be presentations from European Energy, NIRAS, TradeCouncil, Teknologisk Institut, Green Hydrogen Systems, Silhorko-Eurowater and EnviroProcess .. and .. plenty of time for discussion and interaction.

A central part of the forum will be dialog and discussions among participants of how we the Danish industry can and should collaborate, move forward, engage with projects, partners and clients to explore and realize export opportunities.

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