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PJM adopts a school class

The 8th graders at Faarevejle primary school got a unique insight into the business community of Odsherred. PJM participated in the municipality's new initiative adopt-a-class and invited the whole class to visit our factory facilities.

In this blog: Today, educating young students on the career opportunities ahead of them is crucial. Odsherred municipality has taken this issue to the test and made the initiative adopt-a-class that is centralized around the primary schools of Odsherred. At PJM we're proud to be part of this initiative and hope that it brings along great results. Read more about how the project unfolds. 

The project adopt-a-class is a new initiative that is designed to strengthen the collaboration between the schools, the municipality, and the business community of Odsherred. PJM is one of the largest businesses in the municipality and we would like to take responsibility where we can. The focus on unifying the schools and business community of Odsherred eventually benefits all of us, which only emphasizes our desire to support this vision. 

From brainstorming to product launch
It’s the first time the municipality launches this project so we are very excited to see how the project passes off and which type of results it brings along. Study advisor, Rikke Strange, the project coordinator of the initiative, was in direct dialogue with PJM and the class teacher, Nickolai during the entire project. 

The 8th graders at Faarevejle primary school were asked to invent a company. They further had to come up with a product line, define the company roles, develop a brand logo and -name, and present a brand strategy.

Straight out of primary school
The students approached this project with a hard-working mentality. They created a unique product - an electric toothbrush with built-in toothpaste. They decided that the name of the company should be BRUSHDELUXE whereupon they designed a fitting logo that would go with the brand name and -identity.

Read the story, press HERE

The entire process truly showed how the students were engaged and took the project seriously. They had considered even the smallest things to make their company’s brand identity as strong as possible. The logo illustrates a tooth and a toothbrush which is strongly related to the brand name as the student wanted to make sure that the buyer would understand that the product was a toothbrush and not a hairbrush for instance, which the brand name could otherwise connotate. Overall, our PJM representatives were very impressed that these students came straight out of primary school given the advanced level they performed during this project. 

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