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New cafeteria manager brings local produce to PJM

As the employees at PJM turn to the cafeteria during their lunch break, they’re met with a variety of meals that are all prepared with freshly grown vegetables, harvested as close to the office as possible.

Ever since Sarah Trojahn started as the new cafeteria manager at PJM headquarters, she has had a vision of using more locally grown vegetables in her cooking – and the employees at PJM love it.

Today, it’s a multitude of organically grown vegetables that meets the eye when the employees go to lunch at PJMs cafeteria in Faarevejle. Sarah Trojahn and her colleagues strive to serve as much local food as possible to present the employees with an organic and seasonal selection of meals throughout the week.

Sarah did her research and promptly chose the local farmers' market, Lammefjordens Spisekammer, as the primary supplier of carrots and other freshly grown vegetables. It is much more satisfying to cook when using fresh and locally grown products, Sarah Trojahn explains. She even argues that the taste and feel of local vegetables are better than with the ones you buy globally – for example, the carrots are sweeter, crispier, and less watery.

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