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Building relations is the heart of PJM onboarding!

Automation Technician Stefan Søger expected a company with excellent production control and flexibility for employees when he joined PJM. He found both - plus a supportive team and appreciative management.

In this blog: Everyone knows how it is to start a new job without having familiar faces at the new workplace. This is precisely why PJM stresses that creating social relations is the prerequisite for onboarding success. Read how.

One of the first new relationships you achieve when starting a job at PJM is your contact person. Their task is to ensure that everything falls into place during your onboarding, says Head of Human Resources at PJM, Stine Munk.

The contact person introduces you to company routines and familiarizes you with your new team.

“Building social relations is one of the most important aspects of onboarding for PJM and the new employee. If you feel welcomed by a team ready to help, there is a much faster inclusion in the organization, says Stine Munk.

Quick results
Automation Technician Stefan Søger was one of a large group of new PJM employees recruited in a period with rapid growth in the company.

He felt the benefits of the PJM onboarding system when he, in no time, had access to the right tools and quickly obtained results. He easily found his place in the team and started building projects already during his first months.

Stefan Søger also experienced that colleagues and management quickly acknowledged and appreciated his skills. He finds that this is one of the significant assets of the work culture at PJM.

“We are appreciated for our manual skills and what we have in our heads,” he says, giving the onboarding process a high rating.

“It couldn’t have been better. I have never experienced the same in other jobs,” he says.

Included from day 1
The PJM onboarding system is a tool for empowering both management and employees, stresses Stine Munk.

“We use it to be sure that all new employees feel welcome and included from day 1.”

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