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Carmen Curler's expansion was kickstarted by PJM!

Not many are aware that the iconic beauty item Carmen Curlers owes its growth to an automation solution invented by PJM in 1968. Two TV series now tell the story of a remarkable Danish business venture, which relied on PJM to escalate the production with “automation of great ideas.”

In this blog: A meeting between the founder of Carmen Curlers, Arne Bybjerg Pedersen, and the founder of PJM, Poul Johansen, became a defining moment for the curler factory. Here is the story about how PJM, from its very start, has helped clients succeed with innovation and creative ideas.

‘Hot rollers’ is the most usual term in English, but in Denmark, we have always known them as 'Carmen Curlers'. The story about the electric fashion device still stands as one of the country’s most significant and daring business feats.

Read the story press HERE

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