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Locked-in security with new lockable products from norelem

norelem has announced the expansion of its range of lockable products, which are designed to enhance safety in the production environment by preventing the unauthorised or accidental opening and closing of connections.

14. december 2025

These new elements offer a simple yet highly effective mode of operation, showcased by the lockable ball lock pins and five-star handles.

The lockable ball lock pins are a quick and easy solution for fixing and connecting components securely, ensuring that connections remain firm and tight, and preventing any unauthorised loosening. By using a key to open the push cylinder lock, the two balls can be unlocked, allowing the connected parts to be easily unplugged. Once the push cylinder lock is manually pushed in, the balls firmly secure the connection, and they can only be unlocked again with the key.

The lockable ball lock bolts are available with a recessed grip, either as a full stainless-steel version or with an additional recessed grip. Moreover, customers have the option of selecting a mushroom or T-handle made of thermoplastic. The bolts also come in various diameters ranging from 5-16mm, and lengths from 10-80mm, giving customers more options to find the best version for their projects.

In addition to the ball lock pins, the functionality of the lockable five-star handles offers impressive benefits. Designed to prevent unauthorised loosening of screw connections, these handles can be employed in a wide array of applications, from equipment manufacturing and the packaging industry through to special machine and tool construction. Additional uses can be found in sectors as diverse as camping, even used to secure sand plates on off-road motor homes or bicycle holders on cars.

The handles are constructed from high-quality thermoplastic, with blue passivated steel parts and zinc die-cast lock cylinders, which means that they are resistant to corrosion from the environment. Furthermore, the handles create a positive connection between the handle and the threaded part via the locking cylinder, which ensures that the handle cannot turn without driving the threaded part, effectively preventing any unauthorised opening of the threaded connection. Moreover, the key can be removed in both the open and closed positions, offering improved ease of use.

The lockable five-star handles are available with internal and external threads in sizes M8 and M10, with the size M6 featuring a variant with an internal thread. The external threads are 20mm long each, and custom variants with different locks or thread options can be manufactured upon request. Both the ball lock bolts and the five-star handles come with two keys, and the lockable five-star handles are keyed in the same way as the standard version, allowing multiple handles to be operated with a single key, and therefore simplifying daily usage.

Beyond these featured products, norelem also offers rotary latches among its lockable product range. These latches are ideal for securing switch cabinets against unauthorised opening.

With this extended line of lockable products, norelem continues to provide enhanced safety and security in various industrial and commercial applications, further solidifying its commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its customers.

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