Cold Plate Leveling Machine SMS Mannesmann-Demag-Sack

7. april 2023
SMS Mannesmann Demag Sack

Mfg: SMS Mannesmann-Demag-Sack
Year of Mfg.: 1989; continuously upgraded
Min/Max plate width: 1500/3600 mm
Min/Max plate thickness: 3/25 mm
Main thickness range: 6 – 12 mm
Max leveling Pressure: 24.000kN
Min/Max plate length: 2 – 30 Meter
Plate temperatures: 100º Celcius
Roll diameter x length (for all rolls): 190 x 3.800 mm
No. of leveling rolls: 13 (all powered)
Division of all leveling rolls: 200 mm
Support of the top rolls: 7 x 8
Support of the bottom rolls: 5 x 8
Support of the exit rolls: 2 x 3
Max opening between the leveling rolls: 230 mm
Max. distance between the columns: 3.800 mm
Leveling speed (approx.): 0 to 30/60 M/min.
Adjustment speed of leveling rolls (approx.): 0 to 20 mm/sec.
Adjustment speed of exit rolls: v to 1,0 mm/sec.
Year of Mfg.: 2004
Cassette Type Leveler

With two cassettes (one located in bay 23)

3 Main (DC) Motors, each 278 kW

Testing results among other DIN EN 10029 and ASTM A20M

Linear testing method

(10) sensors (laser and camera)


Equipped with:

Roll cambering (bending) of leveling rolls
Centering Device
Drives Siemens S7
Exit Table with built-in weighing scale
Flatness Measuring Unit “NOKRA”

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