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Odense Letbane P/S

Overhead Wire De-Icing

Odense Letbane P/S

OpgavebeskrivelsePrevention of ice and frost on the overhead tram wires in the winter period October 2022- march 2023.

Odense Letbane P/S was commissioned in May 2022 and have already fulfilled . The Railway consist of 2 x 14.2 km contact wire and a depot arear with contact wire. These overhead contact wire supply 750V direct voltage to the Light Rail section from Tarup Center in the north to Hjallese Station in the south, both in Odense.

Ice on the contact wire/overhead line can cause light rails to loose power, generate damaging arcs, disturbing the modern engine control and destroying both the pantograph and the overhead wire. The ice will in any case cause arcing and lead to excessive wear to the pantograph conductors, and in worst case lead to traffic delays and service disruption.

Odense Letbane needs to make sure that there does not occur disruption due to ice on the contact wires.
As part of the prevention of icy overhead lines during the winter period, Odense Letbane thus wants treatment with a form of spraying/coating of the overhead contact wire system with Interflon Iceguard, or an alternative product with similar or better properties in preventing ice and frost formation on overhead wire.

The treatment must cover the entire winter season October - March. The Client accepts that monthly treatment may take place. with treatment three times in the period October - December 2023, and three times in the period January - March 2024.

The tenderer also gives the contracting authority an option for an additional treatment, should it prove necessary.

Contact information: Further information about the task can be obtained from:
Project manager Jan Steinhaugen
Odense Letbane
Mail: janst@odenseletbane.dk
Mobile: +45 30710217

The contract will stipulate requirements for safety approval of employees who must work in the vicinity of the Light Rail.

The ten basic principles of social responsibility in the UN Global Compact will also be required to be observed.

In addition, contractual requirements are imposed in accordance with ILO Convention No. 94 on Clauses in Public Contracts and Circular No. 9471 of 30 June 2014.
Annonceret7. juli 2023 17:00:00 CEST
Deadline24. juli 2023 12:00:00 CEST
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UdbudsformOffentligt/åbent udbud
CPV kode50220000

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TildelingskriterierLaveste pris
UdvælgelseskriterierProven experience with this specific task: Coating overhead power wires as protection against icying. This requirement is mandatory.


NavnJan Steinhaugen
Telefon+45 30710217


NavnOdense Letbane P/S
AdresseSøndre Hospitalsvej 6
5260 Odense S
Telefon+45 20139009
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